Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another successful proposal !!!


Another happy event at the cabin!

And just look how Jeff set the stage for this special question.
He hid the flowers in the car and set up the table while Gayle was in the cabin. She had no idea it was happening until she came outside!
What a guy!!!

As far as we know there as never been an unsuccessful proposal at the cabin - and there have been many!!

Another service we'll provide for you - let us know your plans and we will be happy to prepare the cabin for you with flowers, champagne, etc. so that you don't have to do all the work that Jeff did!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Joe's tree!!

Tommy and Joan purchased a tree to be planted at our Hudson Valley Cabin in remembrance of a very, very good friend of all of us - JOE WEBER.

The planting took place on June 5th - no cabin guests that weekend - just Tom, Joan, Jackie (Joe's wife), Serge, Karen (with 2 broken wrists - no help from her!), and Kojack.

We will all miss Joe greatly but we can smile when passing his tree and remember all the special things he meant to each of us!!

We gave Joe's tree a special place as David's Park is beginning to get a little crowded.
It's present location will be a constant "hello" to all you guys visiting the men's PP house during our annual August picnic!

More sterile carp for the lake

June 2010 -

Since 1992 we have periodically stocked the lake with sterile carp in order to control the weeds and algae in the lake and they do a great job. They enter the lake at about 6 to 8" in length and GROW! In 1992 40 were purchased and put in, in 2002 another 40, and this year we had 25 put in.

It is necessary to get a permit from the DEC to buy these fish and they can only be put into bodies of water that have no way of escape so that the fish can't get out to eat what they are not supposed to.

The fish are not cheap! So - cabin guests if you do catch one - please release!!

Serge is supervising. John is putting an overly anxious fish back in the bucket so that it can be properly put in the lake!

A repair leads to minor disaster!!

May 28th!

Serge and Tony are working to repair the steps off the dock leading into the lake.

Karen (the go-fer) and photographer decides that she needs more photos and heads for the camera which is in the car - never makes it and winds up on the railroad tie steps with 2 broken wrists!
(No photos of this event!!)

Luckily our guests for the weekend had just arrived and Dorothy was knowledgeable about things like this so she kept my wrists in ice packs until our volunteer emergency team arrived. Never know what will happen when you rent at Hudson Valley Cabin! Thanks Dorothy!!!