Monday, January 4, 2010


Friendly Frogs on the porch!

Cat and Dog on a flower pot

Rabbit drowning in snow

A very friendly spider

Our guardian moose!


We love wind chimes and so do our guests!!

Here are just a few of those that are near or "on" the cabin.


Our Kojack is enjoying the snow!

Our "fresh herb garden" in January!

Deer tracks across the lake and along the dam!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

HUDSON VALLEY CABIN - Guest comments pre 2007

In the 6 years we have spent together, this weekend was our favorite. Your secluded retreat from life's stresses gave us the ooppurtunity to reflect on what's most important - life, love, laughter, health and happiness. There is no doubt we are already counting down the days until we return.

We're delighted to have found your piece of paradise in the woods.

Today ends one of the most wonderful weekends we've had. We needed to get away, regroup and spend some time enjoying each other. This is the perfect place to do that. I always wanted to see what if felt like to be somewhere secluded and full of peace, quiet and nature. This has it all. I could live here forever.

PARADISE FOUND!! What more can be said of such a tranquil and beautiful place! All I can say is that this tops any 5 star hotel. Those people don't know what they are missing - even the rain didn't dampen our spirit. This was the nicest place we have every stayed at. We surely enjoyed our 10th Anniversary here. We spent our Honeymoon 10 years ago at a tropical paradise called the "Enchanted Garden". This place was even better - I could rename it the "Enchanted Cottage".

You can see the galaxy at night here laying in the hammock on the lawn. The only difference between the day and the night is the moon and the sun.

We loved: - the whimsey, the beauty, the TLC, the total privacy, the silence, the pathos, the cleanliness, the rest, the promise of trails to explore, the ambiance, the Lord for giving us the opportunity to be here - our 37th honeymoon!

The natural beauty here combined with the thoughtful and playful, soothing and accomodating touches inside the cabin and on the grounds were all I could ask for. Your place is a treat and a retreat.

We've been humbled by the beauty of this place. I sure hope this has all been real and not just the best dream I've had in years!

This is a very magical place...A spiritual place, a place where angels really do sing. In this modest cabin, we rekindled our love, once again we fell for one another. And we lifted boundaries we thought to be impossible. May you find this peace, to. It is a true blessing to have been here.

A beautiful respite from a chaotic world. The wind chimes sounding like church bells, the sun shimmering off the lake, deer moving silently through the forest, all help to nuture and heal the soul that has trouble appreciating the earth because there is "no time" to stop and enjoy what is before us. We thank you for sharing your spot of heaven with us.

The wild turkeys were so cute. And I thought Wild Turkey was only a bourbon. The things one learns at Hudson Valley Cabin!

Your cabin is a treasure. The perfect getaway for our 10th Anniversary.

The house is just what we needed and it fits so well into the landscape. The scenery outstanding... As seasoned "cabin renters" we have seen many places, This is truly special and memorable.

The greatest treat was the view of the lake and woods, the trails, the rowboat, the chairs, hammocks, and, oh yes, the herbs and flowers.

What a wonderful way to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.

We began our new life together as "one couple" the day before our arrival, and now get to embark on life's journey after the wholesome rest this piece of the world gave us.

The chimes and benches you have spread around make you feel as if you're in sacred territory and simple daily pleasures become rich again.

Coming here we didn't really know what to expect, especially renting off the internet. Everything we've experienced and have seen here was been much more than we imagined.

You have taken one of the most beautiful natural environments we have seen and through charm and attention to detail managed to improve on Mother Nature's achievement.

The cabin is beautiful! We came here perhaps a bit apprehensive about renting from the internet - fearful maybe that the photos of your cabin would be like photos on an internet dating site - woefully outdated and completely misrepresentative of reality. But the cabin and grounds were all that you said they'd be and more!! Way more!!

This is a place filled with love, peace, and silence. I am so grateful that our first days of marriage were spent surrounded by such divine tranquility.

Our stay here could not have been better. The cabin, the lake, the woods - we have looked and stayed in many places - but this tops them all.

Few places are as good as they seem. Hudson Valley seemed like a perfect place to honeymoon when I found it on the net. Your place is better than it looked. May the years to come provide many, many oppurtunities to be a blissful respite for couples around the world.

We appreciate your sharing this special piece of paradise. The serenity disturbed only by the daily hummingbird visits, the splash of fish or turtles in the lake, or the roar of the wind as it travles across the trees and gently touches the beautiful chimes.

We had a perfect honeymoon. The views are gorgeous from everywhere. I love the windows everywhere. I love the Porch, the lake, the woods, the picnic table, the birds, frogs, fish. We didn't go off the grounds once, because it was complete here.

Your cabin provided the perfect setting for me to finally give E--- her engagement ring!

A wonderful weekend away and a beautiful cabin. Worth coming all the way from England for!

What a peaceful place that provided the ultimate escape from reality for us. The geese flew in last night, kicked us out of bed, then flew off like we're getting ready to do soon. This place is not easy to leave, but its reassuring to know that it exists and that other lovers will have an appourtunity to experience some of what we enjoyed. A hen turkey, a deer, a hummingbird, and two great blue herons helped welcome us to The Hudson Valley Cabin.

One whole blissful week of a new routine. Utterly relaxing and restful, we loved the beauty, peacefulness and serenity of this comfortable abode. Watch for the hawk who soars over the lake, the big turtle which comes up to sun on the lawn, try to spot the fish jumping out of the lake, learn the strength and feel of the wind by the tones of the chimes, these were some of our memorable occupations this week.

Guest Comments at HUDSON VALLEY CABIN - 2007-2009

The word "escape" has taken on a special and new meaning we will never forget. To all who follow our footsteps to and from this sweet chalet, we wish God's speed and we know you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

Thank you for making our 5th Anniversary a memorable one!

Each year we leave a little of our hearts here and gladly do so!

We can't begin to describe the peace and joy this little place brought us. It truly is a piece of heaven on earth! We've never been anywhere like it and definately hope to be back again. It was just enough and at the same time well beyond our expectations. Thak you for sharing this "good and perfect gift" with us.

We met some of your friends - turtle, frog, dragon fly, and did a wonderful dance with great blue heron.


We got to enjoy the beauty of nature and wild life (three deers, fish, turtles, squirrels, chipmunks, multitude of birds (including the annoyingly loud geese), turkey, and friendly "dog" and top off our last day a Big Black Bear!

The cabin is absolutely beautiful and the property is amazing. It is a bird lovers dream. We thoroughly enjoyed rowing on the lake and the bass fishing is out of this world.

There is no other place we would rather escape to, no other place we would rather celebrate each other and for that we are indebted to you.

Being here made us feel like we are the only two people in the world with just beauty surrounding us. We will always remember our engagement - the start of our lives together!

Our 5th visit and its better than ever!

We enjoyed our stay at your cabin and celebrated our 50th anniversary together here.It's a very special place here ... a place where you can easily get in touch with oneself. We felt in harmony with nature. 15 bass caught in 2 days - all returned!

This being our 10th Anniversary we have gome away almost every year and have never found a place, until now, that we felt we would want to celebrate every other anniversary at. We can't imagine celebrating it anywhere else now. Thank you for creating such a wonderful, relaxing and romantic place. You guys have thought of all the details, even things we didn't know we wanted or needed.

Heading up to the cabin for the 2nd time we wondered if it could be as magical as the first. 5 steps in we saw our champagne cork from the last time and instantly the city stress melted away. We found the same magical experience, in fact, it was better because we know the land, the lake, and the cabin.

It rained non-stop and the cabin still kept its magic.

This cabin is magic. It has done the trick, as it always does. We are relaxed and ready to head back to the city... and every year for years now we've looked forward to these 2 weeks this time was especially good - for our honeymoon!

Your herb garden is a most wonderful touch for your guests.

We have travled many times, but none of our voyages have been quite as spiritual as this. Thank you for making our stay and the cabin as comfortable as home. The magical touches inside and out have embraced nature in such a unique way. The upkeep and cleanliness of the grounds and cabin is a prime example of the work done by people who take pride in beauty and nature.

This is the most beautiful place on earth ... our hearts will forever be here.

I'm scared to come back. I don't know if I can get this close to bliss again!

Guest Comments in 2009

We've had so many nice comments on our Hudson Valley Cabin over the years - here are parts of just some that were written in 2009:

- What a great New Years! The cabin was everything we wanted, quiet, peaceful, and cozy. We made a fire every night! Waking up to a snowfall 2 out of the 3 nights we were her was like a dream!

This is our second time here and it was just as perfect as the first. What a magical place, it stays with us.

We absolutely loved the peace and serenity here. This is our first visit but it won't be our last!

With our fourth trip here, it gets better and better and better and better. As soon as we bulled into the driveway we feel at home in body, mind, soul. You continue to offer a sanctuary, and escape and a warm home in the perfect utopia.

Thank you for sharing this idyllic sanctuary with the world. It was such a joy to just "be"' the peace and serenity so incredibly soothing for the soul.

Although it's our third year here the beauty and tranquility never ceases to amaze us.

We couldn't have asked for a more pristine and romantic place for our
honeymoon and we look forward to creating more memories here.

Our second trip to the cabin was even more beautiful and memorable than the first as we got engaged before the fire on our first night here. We couldn't think of a more romantic, serene place to start our lives together.

Thank you for the oopportunity to celebrate our honeymoon here at the cabin. What a wonderful and special place to be together and enjoy the lake, geese, ducks and wonderful fires each night. We walked in the woods, strolled by the water and cooked on the grill every night. The wind made the chimes sing their tunes each day and night.

Our first winter trip to the cabin was a wonderful as all our other trips. The magic is just as potent as is the beauty. The lake is frozen and the land is covered in snow and yet it doesn't look stark and asleep, just beautiful in a different way. We leave feeling, as always, refreshed and renewed. It's always a treat to be able to spend a few days in heaven.