Monday, April 26, 2010

A new clearing in the woods in front of our shed so that we can turn around easily with our cars or the tractor. Work has just been completed - it will look greener later in the season!
Notice that the "Men's PP House" is still there.
Potential new guests - don't worry - we do have indoor plumbing!!

Our herb garden is almost ready for our guests - except for the Basil which won't be planted until mid-May after danger of frost is past. Plants look small now but they will grow!!


This year we were lucky - the Sage and Tarragon survived in their pots for the first winter ever while we lost the Rosemary, Mint, Oregano, Cilantro, Thyme, and Dill. Of course, there is never a chance the Basil will survive and we do replant Parsley every year - 2 pots of both Basil and parsley as they are the favorites with our guests.
The Chives never die! In fact they spread so rapidly that I had to uproot 2 pots of chives to make room for the other herbs. We began years ago with only 1 pot of chives and this spring were up to 4 pots! The local garden club got the chives in 2 of our pots!

Our perennial flower garden by the dock - you should see what it looks like in July, August, and September!!

Will post a photo taken during these months later in the season!
We now have a nice collection of violets at the dock's edge - mixing with the Grape Hyacinths.

Will have to plant some daffodils in the area so that we have some bright yellow in the mix for next April!

Notice our sign - NO DIVING from dock or boats!

Friday, April 9, 2010

New dockside picnic table at Hudson Valley Cabin

Just out of the workshop-----
Karen and Serge just finished the construction of our new dockside table and benches.
Serge being the mastermind, designer, and "boss" of the project. Karen being the gofer!
Note the date on the table leg: 4-2010.
That's so we will remember when it was done and see how long it will be before we have to make another set -
25 years????

Grape Hyacinths gone wild at the cabin

The graveled area near the dock is alive with multitudes of grape hyacinths and its difficult not to step on them but we are trying!

Such a beautiful time of the year as early spring flowers are blooming!

WiFi comes to Hudson Valley Cabin

Dial up is gone!!!

We now have wireless service at the cabin. It hasn't been tested yet but we are supposed to have service for up to 300 feet in all directions which means that if you are brave enuf you can take your laptop out in the rowboat!! Better yet - just take it down to the picnic table at the dock.